Hemp Republic on MYX!!!

Vote for the single "Sabihin Mo" by typing in MYX(space)VOTE(space)Sabihin Mo then send to 2366!

also, request the song on your favorite radio stations:

Campus Radio 97.1 DWLS FM
99.5 RT
Jam 88.3
WRR 101.9
NU 107
RX 93.1
103.5 K-Lite

and all the other stations!!!

97.1 LS: key in LS REQUEST SABIHINMO by Hemp Republic
LS INFOPOP ur infopop questionthen send to 2344 (globe, 367 (smart) or call 9243093/9278862

MAGIC 89.9: Request SABIHINMO @ Magic 89.9, key in ur message and request send to 29761899, for smart and globe, you can also visit their webby
http://www.magic899.fm for online requests, or call 6310899 mon-thurs 3-5PM. ER countdown 5-6pm.

99.5rt: key in RT SONG SABIHINMO by Hemp Republic ur message send to 2299 or key in uur message and request SABIHINMO send to 29761995 or call 6338149 (anytime of the day!)

NU107.5: key in NU SABIHINMO send to 209 (smart subscribers only), or NU MIDNIGHT SABIHINMO send to 2299(globe, smart subscribers)to request key in NU SABIHINMO by Hemp Republic send to 2299

103.5 KLITE: key in KLITE TALLY SABIHINMO by Hemp Republic send to 2299. Vote anytime of the day. Register first so that your votes can be counted. countdown every wednesday at 2pm.

Check OUT Hemp Republic POLYTONES AND MONOTONES FOR DOWNLOAD to your cellphones!

Song: Keyword:

Sabihin Mo sibihinmo
Fireflies fireflies
Move It moveit
Reggae Fiesta regfiesta

For Smart Subscribers, text command:
POLY then send to 483
For Globe subscribers, text command:
POLY then send to 2834

(For monotone downloads, change the word POLY to MONO then follow same procedures)



The Hemp Republic Video Launch Party!!!!

September 3, 2005 at XAYMACA Bar

also launching their album "How Are You World?"

with the special appearance of

milagros dancehall collective!

Show Starts at 10pm!!! See you There!!!!
brought to you by XAYMACA BAR, Jam 88.3, and CaiomaN Productions.
special thanks to NU107


"Sabihin Mo" Music Video Shoot in Saguijo Cafe Gallery

Bunny and Kiko Escora, the only male model on the video.

A shot from the director's monitor...

...and ofcourse, the very beautiful female models with Niko, Bunny and Alfred.

The set... kinda tight and hot too.

Director Mike Cabardo contemplates on the next shot...

The Band? hehehehe....

see more pics...

Hemp Republic shot the video for "Sabihin Mo", the first single off their debut album "Welcome to Hemp Republic", last July 4, 2005 at the gallery of Saguijo Cafe in Guijo Street Makati. The video was directed by Mike Cabardo whose work includes a version of Kitchie Nadal's video for "Run" and also a song by Barbie Almalbis.

The video features artist Kiko Escora as the "Main Man" of the video. He was also featured in Kyla's music video for the song "If the Feeling is Gone" off her album. It is basically a performance video, done with a lot of help from model friends, romans, and country men...

There's a little trivia about the video... look out for the guy in dreadlocks dancing around, he's the guy from the album cover!!!

The Video is due out by August so watch out for it!!!


Hemp Republic at the 1st Jam 88.3 Music Fest!

Bunny Gyal wowing the audience at the Fort Plaza

Bunny wailing...

Ton-Ton Hatol on lead guitar... the "rockstar" shot...

(photos by caio cadiz)


Hemp Republic First Full-Length Album OUT NOW!!!

Hemp Republic has finished work on their upcoming first full-length effort which is entitled "Welcome to Hemp Republic". The band's first single "Sabihin Mo" is now out on radio so fell free to request it to your favorite DJ's especially on JAM 88.3 and NU 107!. The album contains 10 songs, plus an instrumental version of "Fireflies" and a house remix of "Move It" by SILVERFILTER. Songs included are Hey Body Rock, Himig ng Pag-Ibig, Feel Alright, Doncha Woncha, Soma Holiday, and Reggae Fiesta. Sabihin Mo, a reggae-pop upbeat number; Elbi Nights, a tribute to a place where the band first got together; Move It, a hard dancehall take; and the mellow reggae-dancehall treat Fireflies are among the new additions to the bands original song line up.

From top left, clockwise: Bunny Gyal on da mic; Vince Chacon of Milagros Dancehall Collective plays percussions on the album; Ton2 on da guitar; Niko Dritsopolos, the new bassman; Eric Perlas, album engineer; da PC monitor.

Independently produced with their erstwhile manager Caio Cadiz staying on the production side, the guys had a lot more freedom in creating the sound that they truly like, not sticking to the confines of pure reggae. They managed to combine most of each individual's musical influences into the recording.
They recorded the album in Tower of Doom Studios in UP Village, with Eric Perlas on the board, which helped create the outstanding sound quality production of this album.

The album was launched on the 26th of April, in XAYMACA BAR in Timog Avenue. T-shirts, stickers and advanced copies of the album were sold on this night! It is now available in almost all TOWER RECORDS outlets (except Shangri La and Pampanga), and at the following stores...

Sarabia Optical
UP Shopping Center, UP Diliman

The Bukswagen Experience
2nd Floor, Circle-C Mall, Congressional Avenue, QC

iLOVEyou Store
2nd Floor, Cafe Saguijo, Guijo St., Makati

The Chunky Far Flung Gallery
#38 Marikina Shoe Expo, Araneta Center, Cubao (beside old C.O.D.)

Coffee Blends
Lopez Avenue, Los Banos, Laguna near Isis Cafe

Simply Blue Internet Shop
Mt Halcon St. Los Banos Subd., Los Banos, Laguna
(found at the complex on the right after entering Umali Subdivision frrom Agapita)

From top: Al Sese on da drums, Mabs on da bass, Ton ton guiding Al on da mic, Mags and Ton2--da two guitarists, and da producer himself.


"Himig ng Pag-ibig" Included in a Robin Padilla-Ruffa Mae Starrer!!!

A song from the upcoming album of Hemp Republic has been included in Unitel Pictures Inc's Robin Padilla-Ruffa Mae starrer entitled "La Visa Loca" due out in MAY. The song submitted was Himig ng Pag-Ibig, and it made the final cut! Thanks to director Mike Meily for giving the final go signal. It was deemed appropriate by the Hemp Republic Management to be submitted because of the song’s universal theme, which is…L-O-V-E, although the film is not a love story.

The upcoming film is a comedy, in line with Unitel’s previously successful “Crying Ladies”, a Sharon Cuneta starrer (who is also the executive producer of the film) which raked in a lot in the box office. The soundtrack in itself is something to look forward to, especially for reggae enthusiasts since most, if not all the songs to be included are reggae--Filipino style, according to our sources. The song is also included in Hemp Republic's album "Welcome to Hemp Republic."

This is something to watch out for!



Tech Requirement for Concert Halls / Open Air / Large Venues

1. 2 guitar amplifiers (50 watts and up)
2. 1 bass amplifier (80 watts and up)
3. 1 keyboard amplifier
4. 1 keyboard stand
5. 1 Premier drum set w cymbals (standard set)
6. 5 vocal microphones
7. 1 instrument microphone for 1 trombone and 1 trumpet
8. full miking for instruments
9. 4 stage monitor speakers
10. 4 bagend fullrange loudspeakers
11. 4 cerwin vega l36 subwoofers
12. 4 stage monitors
13. one lot power amplifiers
14. one lot connectors, adaptors, wires

1. Ton-ton Hatol-lead guitar
2. Vicente Mallari-bass guitar
3. Mags Gahol-rhythm guitar*
4. Bunny Liwanag-vocals
5. Paulo Bartolome-drums
6. Alfred Pagsuyuin-keyboards
7. Glober Calambro-trumpet
8. Jeck Cenidoza- trombone
9. Caio Cadiz- Manager
10. 1 sound technician

Technical Requirement for Bars and Club Venues

1. 2 guitar amplifiers (30-50 watts)
2. 1 bass amplifier (50-80 watts)
3. 1 keyboard amplifier
4. 1 keyboard stand
5. 1 drum set (standard set)
6. 5 vocal microphones
7. 2-3 instrument microphones (for horn section)
8. 2 stage monitor speakers

1. Ton-ton Hatol-lead guitar
2. Vicente Mallari-bass guitar
3. Mags Gahol-rhythm guitar*
4. Bunny Liwanag-vocals
5. Paulo Bartolome-drums
6. Alfred Pagsuyuin-keyboards
7. Glober Calambro-trumpet
8. Jeck Cenidoza- trombone
9. Caio Cadiz-Manager

* - may or may not be performing

PROFILE (for download)

DOWNLOAD a copy of the band profile! To download, simply click on the links below to view each page...

Page 1 - http://photos14.flickr.com/17192631_c7e46eb158_o.jpg

Page 2 - http://photos12.flickr.com/17192632_f90110db0a_o.jpg

Page 3 - http://photos9.flickr.com/17192633_11486a2025_o.jpg

Page 4 - http://photos10.flickr.com/17192634_c3209d3894_o.jpg

Hemp Republic Performance Agreement

This agreement made and entered into this ___ day of ______ 2005 by and between:

Hemp Republic Management, represented by Vicente Cadiz, with address at __________________________________ Makati City herein after known as the ARTIST,

The _________________ represented by _________________ with the address of __________________________________________________________ herein after referred to as the PRODUCER.

Witnesseth that

Whereas, the PRODUCER has agreed to engage the services of the ARTIST and is producing the show as follows:

A. TITLE ________________________________
B. DATE AND TIME _______, ________ __, 2005 __pm onwards
C. VENUE ____________________, __________, ___________

NOW, THEREFORE, PRODUCER and ARTIST, by these presents, do hereby enter into this Agreement whereby the PRODUCER engages the services of the ARTIST under the following terms and conditions:

ARTIST shall furnish the following for the PRODUCER’s show:

1.1 As performer, to perform a one (1) hour set.
1.2 Participation in the sound check (the artist will be informed of its exact schedule)
1.3 Appropriate performance attire and the instruments
1.4 Permission to use the name, photographs, song and biographical materials of the ARTIST for advertising and promotional purposes with any restriction. This will not apply to the sale of merchandise bearing the band logo and/or name of any of its songs.

The Producer shall provide the following for the ARTIST:

2.1 Sound equipment specified in the ARTISTS’ Technical Rider.
2.2 Talent Fee of P__,______ for a one (1) hour set.
2.3 Food and three (3) drinks per band member, including the support crew of the band.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the parties have hereunto set their names this ___ day of _______ 2005.


________________ ___________________
Vicente Cadiz
Hemp Republic Management


The Hemp Republic 5th Anniverary Party!

Whew! Anyone who was there could tell that it was a blast! More than 200 people were in attendance during that Tuesday night Hemp celebrated their anniversary. The actual date of Hemp's birthday is on March 26, but it is a Nlack Saturday so we opted to celebrate it on a Tuesday. That date was based on the band's first ever gig in 2000, in a bar somewhere in Las Pinas, where showbands usually play. The band just jammed in between the showband's set.

Unfortunately, the party ended with Bunny and our friend Vina losing their bags when some stupid guys stole it from the DJ's booth in Xaymaca. Bunny lost her fone and a whole other stuff. Well, goodluck to those cleptomaniacs, hope you get your fair share of karma... soon!

Overall, it was a good night, the set of Milagros was tight, friends from other groups jammed with the band, and everybody had fun. Hope to see you all again on the album launch!!!

Watch out for some pictures soon!!!


Bob Marley’s 60th Birthday Celebrated with a Blast

Clockwise, from top left: Peace Pipe; Irene of Reggae Mistress flashes a smile; Coffee Break Island; some of the Hemp Republic guys waiting for their turn to play and getting drunk; Sunflower with Skarlet; the Hempers; Skarlet / Wunjo manager Miren and Luv of CBI hang-out back stage; Reggae Mistress Chang tells the boys something.

The 60th birth anniversary of legendary reggae icon Bob Marley was celebrated last February 5 at XAYMACA Bar in Timog Avenue with a blast. The event featured Xaymaca’s best bands and some guests as well, with Peace Pipe starting off the set.

Milagros Dancehall Collective (MDC) kicked the vibe up a notch with their almost all original dancehall set. This is where the people started to feel the irie of the party, feet started stomping and bodies moving to the dancehall beat. Up next came Reggae Mistress with their brand of upbeat classic reggae I-Threes style, which revved up the crowd even more. Saturday night Xaymaca staples Coffee Break Island came next with their reggae-ska set, the crowd by which time had all been standing up. A band from Baguio City, Sunflower, played a highly powered, very long punk-ska set with Skarlet of Brownbeat jamming with them on a few songs.

It was 3:30 AM when Hemp Republic’s turn to play finally came. After Sunflower’s set, people thought the event was over; most had gone outside to get a breath of fresh air. The bar was almost empty but when Hemp Republic finally came onstage, like bees, all the people came right back the hive to get a last dose of the music they came for—reggae music.

The band decided to play mostly classic Bob Marley covers “Could You Be Loved”, “One Drop”, “Three Little Birds”, and the song that first put reggae on the charts “No Woman, No Cry”. The band played only around 6 songs since it was late and every one was tired from dancing the night away. Nonetheless, it surely was a BLAST!


Sigma Beta’s Drink All You Can at XAYMACA Bar a BLAST!!!

It was the wildest Tuesday night in da history of Hemp Republic’s playing at Xaymaca! Thanks to the UP Sigma Beta Sorority Diliman Chapter’s drink all you can bash! Almost 350 people showed up on January 25 for the highly successful event sponsored by San Mig Light, Frenzy Condoms, and Yehey.com. It almost felt like a Friday night, with the dance floor filled up nice and tight, people dancing and drinking like there was no tomorrow, nice reggae grooves blowin’ out da speakers, and everybody just having an irie time.

Session Road shared the bill with the Tuesday night staples Hemp Republic that night. It was nice meeting up with long time friends from that band Coy, JV, Chavi, Richard and Hanna. Too bad they only played around 4 or 5 songs, mostly originals from their debut album under Alpha Music entitled Suntok sa Buwan.

The event was filled with lots of games with prizes presented by Yehey.com and San Mig Light. Beer drinking contests, Bring Me and others started the event. The first set of the band was already rockin’ and looked very promising, and considering the people hardly ever had beer yet, it gave a glimpse of what was to come when all them gets drunk. Hemp played some original songs from their upcoming album on the first as well as the second sets namely, Himig ng Pag-Ibig, Sabihin Mo, Reggae Fiesta, and Hey Body Rock.
It would be such a blast if this was an every week thing… to all those who came, see you all again soon! And for those who missed it, well, dats wat yu get when yu mis an event!