Hemp Republic on MYX!!!

Vote for the single "Sabihin Mo" by typing in MYX(space)VOTE(space)Sabihin Mo then send to 2366!

also, request the song on your favorite radio stations:

Campus Radio 97.1 DWLS FM
99.5 RT
Jam 88.3
WRR 101.9
NU 107
RX 93.1
103.5 K-Lite

and all the other stations!!!

97.1 LS: key in LS REQUEST SABIHINMO by Hemp Republic
LS INFOPOP ur infopop questionthen send to 2344 (globe, 367 (smart) or call 9243093/9278862

MAGIC 89.9: Request SABIHINMO @ Magic 89.9, key in ur message and request send to 29761899, for smart and globe, you can also visit their webby
http://www.magic899.fm for online requests, or call 6310899 mon-thurs 3-5PM. ER countdown 5-6pm.

99.5rt: key in RT SONG SABIHINMO by Hemp Republic ur message send to 2299 or key in uur message and request SABIHINMO send to 29761995 or call 6338149 (anytime of the day!)

NU107.5: key in NU SABIHINMO send to 209 (smart subscribers only), or NU MIDNIGHT SABIHINMO send to 2299(globe, smart subscribers)to request key in NU SABIHINMO by Hemp Republic send to 2299

103.5 KLITE: key in KLITE TALLY SABIHINMO by Hemp Republic send to 2299. Vote anytime of the day. Register first so that your votes can be counted. countdown every wednesday at 2pm.

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Song: Keyword:

Sabihin Mo sibihinmo
Fireflies fireflies
Move It moveit
Reggae Fiesta regfiesta

For Smart Subscribers, text command:
POLY then send to 483
For Globe subscribers, text command:
POLY then send to 2834

(For monotone downloads, change the word POLY to MONO then follow same procedures)