The Hemp Republic 5th Anniverary Party!

Whew! Anyone who was there could tell that it was a blast! More than 200 people were in attendance during that Tuesday night Hemp celebrated their anniversary. The actual date of Hemp's birthday is on March 26, but it is a Nlack Saturday so we opted to celebrate it on a Tuesday. That date was based on the band's first ever gig in 2000, in a bar somewhere in Las Pinas, where showbands usually play. The band just jammed in between the showband's set.

Unfortunately, the party ended with Bunny and our friend Vina losing their bags when some stupid guys stole it from the DJ's booth in Xaymaca. Bunny lost her fone and a whole other stuff. Well, goodluck to those cleptomaniacs, hope you get your fair share of karma... soon!

Overall, it was a good night, the set of Milagros was tight, friends from other groups jammed with the band, and everybody had fun. Hope to see you all again on the album launch!!!

Watch out for some pictures soon!!!